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Episode 5: Wendy

Wendy was an involved and pro-active mother when her son was growing up, but it just didn’t seem to be enough to keep him out of trouble. She thought maybe the discipline of the military... Read More
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Episode 4: Jackie

Jackie is a communications technology teacher at a high school in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Her son, Peter, was arrested for attempted murder when his daughter, Lyla, was only a few months old. Jackie explains the... Read More
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Episode 3: Rebecca

The memories of her son that Rebecca is most fond of involve the family sitting together on the couch watching a movie and enjoying their downtime. These are still some of her favourite times shared... Read More
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Episode 2: Dinny

Dinny is a retired social worker who enjoys singing opera and describes herself as a bit of a diva. Her son is currently serving a life sentence without possibility of parole for 25 years. Can... Read More
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Episode 1: Yvonne

Welcome to the first episode of Unconditional. Hosted by Annalise Nielsen, this podcast examines the experiences of a mother after the arrest of her child. In the first episode, we meet Annalise’s grandmother, Yvonne, who... Read More

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