Episode 4: Jackie

“It seemed he would disappear inside himself. I just put it down to, 19-years-old, baby, no job, living with your parents. I didn’t realize there was other things happening up there. I had no idea.” Read More

Episode 3: Rebecca

“When you were younger I could always stand in front of you and protect you. I may not be able to protect you anymore because you're an adult, but I'm not going anywhere.” Read More

Episode 2: Dinny

“The depth of the sorrow you feel when your child has done something very wrong— I mean, it’s not a little thing, it’s not like he’s taken someone’s pail in the sandbox.”   Read More

Episode 1: Yvonne

“I was worried, at 77, that I would never see my son again. I figured I would be going to my grave and not see him no more.” Read More

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